Hackademy India, is a information security consulting firm based in hyderabad (India). we specifically cater to customers looking for VAPT services for Web applications & Networks, that focus on both technical and business logic testing.

We deliver realistic options for addressing security issues and ensuring business compliance, and maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Our Services

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing (or ranking) the vulnerabilities in a system. MORE

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, is an authorized simulated attack on a computer system that looks for security weaknesses, potentially gaining access to the system's features and data. MORE

Digital Forencics

Digital forensics is a branch of forensic science encompassing the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices, often in relation to computer crime. MORE

Malware Analysis

Malware analysis is the study or process of determining the functionality, origin and potential impact of a given malware sample such as a virus, worm, trojan horse, rootkit, or backdoor. MORE

Trainings & Workshops


Cyber Security Training delivered at
National Police Academy


Ethical Hacking Workshop conducted at
Telangana State Police Academy


Cyber Crime Awareness Program at
Telangana State Police Academy


Email: info@hackademy.in
Phone 1: (+91)-988 589 6667
Phone 2: (+91)-939 991 6484